Molson Coors

One of the world’s largest breweries with global operations, selling dozens of brands through multiple sales channels.

With a large global network of retailers, distributors and manufacturers, Molson Coors needed a smart way to streamline the sales of their branded promotional items while ensuring all related financial accounting requirements are met.


  • A multi-sided eCommerce platform for distributors, manufacturers and retailers to buy and sell promotional products.
  • Connect the storefront experience to financial reconciliation and reporting processes & applications.
  • Ongoing partnership with the team to continually enhance and add features.

Uplift in overall sales and faster processing of orders. Timely management reporting of budgetary spend.

6,000+ items in-store, 50,000+ transactions, 3,000+ orders a month, and $100M+ in value processed to date.

Effective targeting to the right buyers based on analytics, along with effective spend based on behaviours that drive true profitability for Molson Coors.

Our human-centred A.I. helps unleash your potential.

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