Lush Cosmetics

Lush is a global manufacturer, distributor and retailer of high-end cosmetics. Their stores touch every part of the globe and their distinct products are sought after by cosmetic connoisseurs the world over.

Lush had many disparate systems that didn’t share information, and data that was often conflicting inconsistently collected and managed. With massive growth on the horizon, their current systems couldn’t support their global expansion or increased production levels, nor retail store rollouts.

A common ERP system was identified to solve this problem, which allows the collection and manipulation of accurate and complete data that would allow Lush to scale. We implemented Mircosoft AX with new POS systems, and tied it to their existed DemandWare eCommerce platform.

This multi-year initiative led to streamlined processes, better manufacturing processes, improved inventory management, improved sales and in-store product availability. Most importantly, it enabled Lush to scale indefinitely as they continue to grow.

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