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There are few mining brands with a history as rich as Kinross; values-focused, with a reputation for operational and technical excellence, they have been a major force for disciplined growth and responsible mining practices.

As one of the leading gold mining companies in the world going through a time of introspection, Kinross wanted to transform the conversation around their brand, allowing investors and stakeholders a tangible view into their business and redefine the basic elements of what set them apart in the market.

We worked closely with the executive team to reexamine their priorities and emphasize what the brand stood for, resulting in an elegant rebrand that captured their pride in their business and heritage. As part of this project, we transformed their site with a renewed focus on Corporate Social Responsibility, transparent public reporting, authentic photography featuring real Kinross employees and a digital experience as refined and captivating as the precious metal they mine.

A mockup of landing home page on a desktop setting
A mockup of West Africa operations page on a laptop setting
A mockup of Fort Knox, USA operation page on a tablet setting
A mockup of Fort Knox, USA map page on a tablet setting

A clear and defined purpose, a revitalized site and a distinctive brand helped to guide the organization to their 25th year and K2XO was there when we were welcomed back to design their anniversary collateral, allowing this remarkable milestone to shine.

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