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With cannabis legalization, Canada has seen the birth of a multi-billion-dollar industry that cultivates, produces, markets and sells cannabis products of all kinds: for smoking and vaping, as well as ingestibles, solvents and topicals. But the stakes are high. Cannabis producers, like farmers, need to make informed and timely decisions on futures, crops, processing and sales.

Early on, the founders of what would become High North recognized an opportunity: They could set the gold standard for analyzing cannabis in Canada and around the world. High North Laboratories would to take the guesswork out of cannabis investment, production and quality.

To bring their idea to life, High North engaged K2XO. Our research led us to recommend that High North automate the specimen analysis process, as doing so would differentiate the business and give the brand first-mover advantage.

In six months we delivered a one-of-a-kind system that won Health Canada approval. We designed an end-to-end experience for both inhouse technicians and High North customers, the Licenced Producers (LPs). We architected the workflow, selected the right Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and implemented barcode scanning hardware and software.

A mockup of HighNorth.com landing home page on a desktop setting
A mockup of HighNorth.com platform page on a laptop setting

We then built an ecosystem that continuously learns as it captures myriad data points on thousands and thousands of cannabis samples. And we created a seamless interactive experience that delights both technicians and LPs.

It all happens securely in real time: LPs submit samples; technicians capture and analyze the laboratory data; LPs track the analysis and receive a benchmark report that situates their specimen on a rich competitive spectrum. Now LPs get their digital test results in days instead of weeks. Easy-to-read dashboards and detailed analyses of cannabinoids and turpenes make High North reports the most sophisticated and comprehensive in the industry.

Finally, through High North’s automated system, LPs receive a Certificate of Analysis from Health Canada. K2XO helped High North meet the strict auditing and compliance requirements of Health Canada and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Today High North is the state-of-the-art laboratory for analyzing cannabis. K2XO is proud to have helped High North get there quickly by combining the promise of data with the value of design.

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